Elisa’s Tutorial Agency was formed in 1996. She has developed her own teaching methods and programmes and created a successful private academy, for children aged 2.5 to 16 years. Since her academy started, over 80% of the children taught using Elisa’s techniques have not only passed the entrance examinations into many of the most prestigious schools in North London but have performed extremely well through to their A levels. These results are reflected in offers from Britain’s top universities. Many have gone on to take senior government posts or work at director level in internationally recognised companies.

Children that are not actively seeking places at private or public schools are taught to similar standards within the same ‘groups’ in order to maximise their chances of achieving high results in exams like the 11+, SAT tests and GCSEs. The subjects are taught in depth and methodically, while children are expected to understand the subject area thoroughly; great pains are taken to achieve this.Different approaches are taught towards question dissemination and assessment and the academy will develop a child’s ability to concentrate on tasks and problem solving. It does teach a child how to maximise time allocation per question through ‘fast tracking’ creativity and teaches techniques to minimise distractions in ‘working time’.

Elisa writes short stories and children’s novels which she uses as teaching aids to accompany her child development programmes. ‘Creative writing technique’ is an important aspect of the academy’s programme and Elisa takes on a counselling role with her pupils and their parents in order to more efficiently manage the child’s education. She tailors her methods to the lifestyle of each family and where necessary adapts that lifestyle to incorporate a broader spectrum for the benefit of the child.

Because of this and the results achieved, she has many testimonials from these families and an enormous database of ‘extended family’ because of her successful approach. Coupled with the intensive teaching of grammar and comprehension, it unerringly produces examination candidates that are never fazed by changes to question formats and have the ability to successfully manage their responses; good lessons in life!

Elisa has been offered places in these top schools on the evidence of her results but believes that she is more effective in her independent role as a teacher and educational coach and consultant, developing new systems and approaches to be able to equip children to maximise their abilities.

Elisa’s Assessment

Elisa’s unique assessment techniques will find out the ability level of your child – and how they compare to others nationally. Once we ascertain this we can decide what type of school would suit them best for secondary schools. We will also be able to judge the type of school which will suit them pastorally, through interviewing your child informally and also through discussions with you.

In order to find this out we ask the children to sit a 3 hour assessment. The tests give us a very good indication of the level your child is working at and we will give you information on your child’s strengths and weaknesses and recommendations on how they can develop at school and at home. It will also give you an idea of their potential ability and whether they are currently meeting it. If not, we advise how they can begin to do so.

After the assessment we chat to the child’s parents – this usually takes around 20 minutes and gives you plenty of opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your child’s scores and the recommended schools for them.

Elisa has had successes in the following top schools regularly for the following exams: 4+, 7+, 11+, 13+, SATs and GCSEs.

  • Tuition and educational support to children aged between 2.5 – 16
  • Professionally prepare children for school entry exams and assessments
  • Proven results for 4+, 5+, 7+, 11+ and 13+ Exams and SAT Exams including verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • Quality Management encouraging Enthusiasm, Self-Confidence, Motivation and Fun!
  • Free 10 minute consultation on request
  • Booster classes
  • Parent advisory service
  • Interview techniques
  • Member of the Tutor’s Association

Elisa has a full DBS check

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