Hi I’m Elisa.
‘I’m an education consultant and private tutor based in Edgware, North London. 
I prepare children for public schools in my area, such as North London Collegiate and Haberdashers. I also run learning working clubs for local children. These are great fun! We focus on maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, comprehension and story writing. 
My love for story writing is where my journey began; I started writing stories for my young son. My confidence in my writing flourished, and so I began writing a number of young children’s series. These will be available for sale very soon. I wanted to focus on education whilst having fun, so at the end of each story you’ll find an interactive section, which I hope you’ll work through with your little ones. You can find a sample story from the ‘Me and You’ series here.
I want to bring my working clubs to you through this website! Amongst the general information about my Tuition School, I have also included a ‘Kid’s Zone’ for your children to access. On here you’ll be able to find fun activities, fact sheets and education guides. 
I hope you enjoy using this website with your children! I would love to hear your opinions and experiences in preparing your little ones in their education.
You can read my personal blog here:

About Elisa

Born in West Yorkshire to Italian parents, Elisa speaks fluent Italian.  She started writing for school magazines at age 12 at St Joseph’s Convent School in the West Riding.

After gaining 11 ‘O’ Level and 4 ‘A’ Level passes, she left Yorkshire to study History at Canterbury. She graduated with honours and went on to complete post-graduate studies in Education at Kings College in London. She was first able to influence children in a positive way at Westminster School and Camden School for girls during her post graduate training

Her first teaching post was at St Michaels Grammar School for Girls and she went on to become Head of Year and was later commissioned by Barnet Education Department as a trainer in specialist techniques for teachers and enjoyed great success.

Around this time, Elisa started her own family and, with that, the idea of starting her own tutorial agency using her own teaching methods, was born. She then developed her programmes and wrote short stories, as aids to her teaching.

She eventually started her agency in 1996, helping children from 3 to 13. Elisa’s reputation grew very quickly and she was soon helping children to pass entrance exams at top schools such as North London Collegiate, Haberdasher’s, Merchant Taylor’s and Mill Hill Public School among others.

She has always enjoyed writing short stories for children and these add fun to her child development programmes. She obtained many of her ideas from her numerous trips to the Mediterranean coastal towns and villages situated in the Maritime Alps, between France and Italy

Elisa explored and developed these ideas with her father, who was born in the Alps and was her inspiration for her early work. From time to time she writes professional articles for ‘family-life’ magazines as an aid for parents in developing their children’s learning abilities.

She divides her time between her family ‘home’ in the Valtellina, where she writes and her home/studio in North London where she teaches, always managing to combine the teaching with her writing because she has a naturally, high energy level. The academy is now well established in North London.

She is a collector of memorabilia, an artist and a wonderful cook; practising her family’s ancient, Italian recipes on friends regularly.  Elisa has a 25 year old son who combines research work for her books with fitness coaching.



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