She started her agency in 1996, helping children from 3 to 16. Elisa’s reputation grew very quickly and she was soon helping children to pass entrance exams at top schools such as North London Collegiate, Haberdasher’s, Merchant Taylor’s and Mill Hill Public School among others.

edgware-tutorialsShe divides her time between her family ‘home’ in the Valtellina, where she writes and her home/studio in North London where she teaches, always managing to combine the teaching with her writing because she has a naturally, high energy level. The academy is now well established and highly respected in North London.

She is a collector of memorabilia, an artist and a wonderful cook, practising her family’s ancient, Italian recipes on friends regularly. Elisa has a 25 year old son who combines research work for her books with fitness coaching.

Elisa’s forte is creative writing. As a children’s books author, she has some of her kids’ stories on www.childrensstories.net, which is currently being updated. She teaches creative writing as an art and particularly concentrates on her students using varied and sophisticated vocabulary. Good writing is essential for exam success and particularly for entry into the schools that she gets her students though to, every year for more than two decades.

Elisa has always enjoyed writing short stories for children and these add fun to her child development programmes. She obtained many of her ideas from her numerous trips to the Mediterranean coastal towns and villages situated in the Maritime Alps, between France and Italy.

She explored and developed these ideas with her father, who was born in the Alps and was her inspiration for her early work. From time to time she writes professional articles for ‘Family Life’ magazines as an aid for parents in developing their children’s learning abilities.

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