Teachers not making the grade in spelling!

School inspectors have recently highlighted how many teachers are struggling with spelling, numeracy and even the basics of their subjects…many words are left either not corrected or corrected wrongly which leaves pupils confused and the majority of mistakes are being made in primary education when pupils should be learning the basics of spelling and literacy. […]

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New Watership Down movie…not for children!

It was very much a harrowing movie when it was released in 1978 and the new BBC movie is a drama and not for children too! It is not suitable for younger viewing, we have been warned by Rory Aitken, one of the producers. It will be left to individual parents to allow their children […]

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Primary Education and Mental Health

There is a lot of discussion about including mental health education to the mandatory teaching curriculum for all schools in the UK. It is not to be a certified subject but to benefit from the teaching I believe it is essential and vital in reducing the stigma around mental health issues. I am continually concerned […]

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Safety tips for keeping your children safe at home

In this post I’m going to be sharing with you some of the key safety tips for ensuring your children are safe at home. I will be sharing with you the safety considerations in the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room. THE BATHROOM Lock medicines away and ensure the labels are clear and containers […]

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child learning watford

Children’s Party Ideas and Planning

Organising and running a children’s party takes much time, effort, patience and planning and can be expensive. Hosting the party at home can save money as you can prepare the food at home and avoid paying hire charges for a venue. Planning the entertainment yourself will also save money on having to pay a party […]

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Why is my child not where they are meant to be educationally in Year 3, 4 or 5 or even 6?

As a tutor I am getting asked this question more and more from first visit parents… and it is something that I too am noticing. This, of course, does not apply to all children but to a great number of them. These are the reasons why, in my opinion: 1. The school they are at […]

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