How to study – A parent’s guide to helping your child

We expect our students and children to ‘study’, but most of the time we just mean completing homework or prepping for a class test. Studying is much more than this. It is an art – even a science, or at least a technique – which needs to be made...

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The Great Grammar School Divide

England has long been viewed as a classist society. One of the things that has given people this impression, or has perpetuated the social structure, depending on which newspaper you subscribe to, has been education. The sons (in the past, at least) of noble families went to Eton or...

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UK Higher Education in Peril with New Bill

Quietly, under the loudly trumpeted Euro referendum, something is happening in higher education that will affect not only our children and grand children but the concept of the UK as a nation of revered and respected Universities. The new Higher Education Bill means a radical reform for university education...

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