Wind in the Willows…the great outdoors

The Wind in the Willows, just the title of the book reminds me of carefree days chasing and tumbling around in People’s Park, in Halifax, when I was younger. I used to spend a lot of time outdoors; collecting twigs and leaves and pebbles, lying in the grass in...

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Awards Certificates in Maths and Creative Writing

A number of our students were awarded with certificates during Saturday’s session today having successfully completed the Maths and Creative Writing Courses. We are very proud with the two programmes we run at the school, in addition to personalised learning and assessment, which support the child in their life-long...

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The UK education system is failing children with special educational needs

A recent survey has found that there has been a 57% increase in children with special educational needs being home-schooled. The reasons for this are manifold: too few places in schools, too few inclusive schools, schools that don’t know what to do with a special needs child and a...

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