28 March 2018

The Me, You and the Moon books by Elisa Gianoncelli

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The ‘Me, You and the Moon’ book is a wonderful start to the journey into learning about our world. It includes a wonderfully enchanting story about a little mouse who, along with his friends Antonio and Arlene, is looking to be reunited with his sister. He begins his journey under the light of the moon and learns about the different phases of the moon and its traditional names in the different months of the year.

The 100-page activity book extends this fantasy story and introduces a realm of intriguing facts and figures. Students learn from a trans-disciplinary approach to subjects, including proverbs, Maths, astronomy and general knowledge. They can practise reading and learn creative writing. They can learn scientific facts presented to them in a colourful and contextual way, as well as learn about the traditional ways the world has looked at the moon in relation to the cycles of planting, harvesting and celebration.

Where else would you be able to get such a unique combination of extensive vocabulary, interesting facts and intriguing story lines? The ‘Me, You and the Moon’ set of books is an essential addition to any student’s bookshelf. For a very small price, you and your child can enjoy and learn together – reading, discussing and writing about our wonderful world and the wonders it contains.

Your child, and your entire family regardless of age, will enjoy getting to know the characters in this series and learning from their adventures in this not-to-be-missed series of books.

Elisa x




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