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Children’s Party Ideas and Planning

Organising and running a children’s party takes much time, effort, patience and planning and can be expensive. Hosting the party at home can save money as you can prepare the food at home and avoid paying hire charges for a venue. Planning the entertainment yourself will also save money on having to pay a party planner or entertainer.

Ideally the party should be themed around something which your child is interested in and so asking them what ideas they have for their party is a good idea. Involving them will make it a fun activity to organise and execute. You can have a fancy dress theme, a theme  around a film they enjoy or a character they like. Having a theme will add another dimension to the party and create excitement amongst the children. Don’t forget to organise plates, cups and napkins or food boxes and decorations and balloons to theme the room too.

Think carefully about the time of the party and the length…children become tired, especially if they have been in school all day and running the party for more than a couple of hours can become exhausting for both you and the children too. When younger children get tired they can quickly become irritable so you want to avoid any negativity on the day.

The guest list can be kept to a limit of ten or 12 if you are trying to keep the costs down and this means that you can save money on party bags and going home gifts too. Party bags can be bought pre-packed to match your theme or you can buy party bags and fill them yourself…think about the age group of the children and whether you will need different presents for boys and girls. Party bags are a great way of saying thank you for coming to my party.

When making food at home be sure to check for any food allergies with parents prior to the party and offer a selection of foods which are healthy but also are treats. Many parents will offer chicken or veggie nuggets and fries or pizza slices and chunks of vegetables cut up into bite-size pieces. Pieces or slices of fruit or pieces of cake or individual muffins and biscuits or chocolate bars can be available for afterwards. Singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles is always a fun part of the birthday celebrations so make a big fuss of the birthday boy or girl. There are lots of healthy snacks too such as yogurts and cereal bars available too and even little pouches of dried fruit. Children don’t eat a lot either so you don’t have to make a whole feast…but do consider offering parents something if the age group is young and parents choose to stay at the party to accompany their children.

You can make the party less stressful too by organising extra help from friends and family who can take on different jobs such as taking the photos, topping up drinks, handing out the party bags, organising games, etc.

The main thing is that you and your child enjoys it! So have fun, keep it simple and make it a party to remember!

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