Welcome to the home of Children’s Stories brought to you by Elisa Gianoncelli at Kids Learn Fast, a children’s private tutor and author working in Edgware, North London.

Her love of children and her enthusiasm for education are apparent to all those that come to know her, and are also present in the exciting children’s stories she writes. This site contains a number of her stories for children of all ages. She invites you to read and enjoy them and – if you’re so inspired – write a few stories of your own!

Never underestimate the power of children’s stories. Through them we can entertain, educate and inspire our children.



The Me and You Series:

Do you want your child to grow up to be a mindful and well-rounded adult? Do you think that your child needs a little more than what school is teaching them? Do you worry they won’t have any general knowledge of the world in this age of instant Googling? Would you like them to be able to practise relaxation and mindfulness to combat the stresses children now face?

In today’s fast-paced educational process, children have to sometimes sacrifice depth of understanding for breadth of curriculum. This means that they are hurried through studying, with little learning. In these stressful times, children need to exercise creativity as much as they need to practise resilience.

The ‘Me and You series’ of story books and activity books are meant for children from the ages of 3 to 9. The books are meant to encourage independent work, as well as provide a time of discussion and bonding with a parent or guardian. These books are filled with a combination of fantasy, knowledge, vocabulary development, creativity and mindfulness.

The story books are fun and informative and can be used just as reading books independently, but they work really well with the activity books. That is why the story is repeated in black and white in part one of the activity books and links directly to the exercises set on that page. These teach grammar, vocabulary, fun facts and mindfulness, in a downloadable format for younger children and in an interactive format (coming soon) for older readers who can type on screen. Together, the three books make a wonderful combination, with complementary advantages that should not be missed. 

Elisa Gianoncelli knows exactly what kids need to succeed in this day and age. She also knows how to make learning fun and rewarding at the same time. All the stories and activities in this series have been child-tested at ELISA’S TUTORING SCHOOL in North London for Kidslearnfast


Me, You and the Moon

me-moon-preview Join Antonio and Arlene as they help Birley Mouse find his lost sister under the light of the ever-changing moon…

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Elisa is a teacher, tutor, educational consultant and children’s author with decades of experience in providing customised, well-rounded supplementary education for children of all ages. She passionately believes in the need to create a future generation driven as much by the values of empathy and responsibility, as the qualities of brilliance and hard-work.

Write to her at info@kidslearnfast.co.uk if you want to give her feedback or find out more about her work.


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