me-you-and-the-moon-thumbMe, You and the Moon

Join Antonio and Arlene as they help Birley Mouse find his lost sister under the light of the ever-changing moon. This is an introduction to the different phases of the moon and how they come about.

This is a fun-filled but informative adventure that will capture a child’s imagination and increase their vocabulary and general knowledge.



How to buy and use these books:

The Me and You series for ages 3-9 is available for sale on this website only. The story book is for free, both downloadable activity books for younger and older children are £2.99 each. The digital interactive version is also priced at £2.99. 

The story books are in digital format, so you and your child can swipe pages on a tablet, cuddled up together for a bedtime story. Younger children might need to be read to, but as they get older they will love reading the imaginative prose with the colourful stories on their own.

The two workbooks are low-colour versions of around 50 and 100 pages each, crammed with fun activities, creative ideas and academic facts. It would be best if the downloadable 100 page activity book was printed out, as then your child can write and colour as needed. The interactive activity book is convenient and also builds your child’s writing skills as they can type on the screen, so it is ideal for older children.

We are working on low-cost print routes for you but until then, printing both the story and activity books at home is the cheapest option. See if the website you buy the books from has a print book option. Having hard copies of this series will ensure that your child has a wonderful legacy of how he or she gained skills in language, science, creativity and mindfulness, while having a wonderful time. If you would like a hard print copy contact us at


Download the Children’s Stories Media Kit here

Me, You and the Moon Storybook also available on Amazon Kindle


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Activity Books:

Find out about more English proverbs and moon-related vocabulary. Draw the phases of the moon and learn interesting facts about it while working on your descriptive writing – and that’s just for a start. Pages and pages of jam-packed fun await you, so don’t just stop at the story book!


Me, You and the Moon:

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