6 January 2018

Discussion about David Attenborough's Blue Planet

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David Attenborough’s Blue Planet

In today’s group session the students were asked to discuss the natural world and were encouraged to think about the planet and some of the programmes they have watched in David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series.

This is a vital topic for not only conversation but writing too. The environment, and what is happening in it, and how our own behaviour, impacts on the natural world and animal kingdom. It is an important focus for young people today. It not only keeps them informed of the wider world around them but also teaches them a vast range of vocabulary and terms not used every day.

The Daily Mail recently reported Blue Planet as top of “best on the box in 2017” even coming ahead of fast-paced thrillers and period dramas but more importantly beat reality TV programmes which seemed to be the nation's favourite.





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