The Benefits of tutoring and after school classes:

A good after-school, weekend or tutoring programme has many benefits. Sending your child to Elisa’s can help:

  • Pass school entrance exams
  • Make learning more fun and less confusing
  • Improve grades and test scores
  • Provide emotional support during exams and tests
  • Make your child calmer and more confident
  • Get homework done on time
  • Improve social and communication skills
  • Use time better instead of wasting it
  • Keep older children away from risky behaviour
  • Give children with SEN or ESL needs the extra time they need
  • Reduce conflict at home regarding studies

after-school-help-north-londonElisa’s USP is a family atmosphere in her classes – somewhere children feel safe and free to ask questions. She combines firm control and discipline with happiness, which is always the top priority. Elisa believes passionately that parents must be fully engaged in their child’s education if that child is to build his or her confidence to succeed Educating your child is about a tri-partite relationship between the child, the tutor and the parent(s). All need to monitor progress together.

Success Stories

Elisa’s Tutorial Agency was formed in 1996. She has developed her own teaching methods and programmes and created a successful private academy, for children aged 2.5 to 16 years. With a second-to-none success rate of over 80% in entrance exams, many of Elisa’s students have:

  • got into many of the most prestigious schools in North London
  • gone on to perform extremely well, from GCSEs through to their A-levels
  • received offers from Britain’s top universities
  • gone on to take senior posts in private and government sectors

Children that are not actively seeking places at private or public schools are still taught to similar standards in order to maximise their chances of achieving high results in exams like the 7+, 11+, 13+, SATs and GCSEs.

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