Summer Courses

Take advantage of this special summer offer having £30 off on our customised courses which were worth £80.

Story Writing £50

This course includes 3 hrs of teaching both fun & interactive.Strategic techniques for story writing are applied as is a vocabulary development programme which will make the stories more interesting. General knowledge through my bespoke books will enable the child to describe fully. Mindfulness is a technique I apply in this course.

Maths Course £50

This includes 3 hrs of practice with addition, subtraction,multiplication & division. Once through these four skills, we take the child through English written based problems which requires the application of these skills. We also deal with many mathematical topics for example ratio, area, volume & percentages, etc.

General Knowledge £50

This includes 3 hrs of reading, activity books & encyclopedia study. The teacher will also introduce the child to a number of reading books which will enhance their ability in this area.This course will improve their writing skills,vocabulary and IQ. Their ability to complete verbal reasoning papers will be greatly improved.

Reading, Comprehension & Inference £50

This course is designed for reluctant readers but children who find comprehensions difficult will also benefit. We have every book available and are trained to encourage a love of reading & analysing the written word. Inference is massively important in examinations both in the SATS , grammar & independent school tests

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