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1 January 2018
Make 2018 your child’s best year ever!

A Happy New Year to you and yours! It is the beginning of 2018 – hasn’t 2017 just flown by?! So we are all making lists of things we want to do, get or buy that will make this year the best year we have ever had. Our best intentions sometimes happen, sometimes they don’t […]

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23 September 2016
Non-Verbal Reasoning for Kids

If you enjoyed my previous post on Verbal Reasoning test papers, please comment or like my post. This post here is my last one in the series of preparing your child for school entrance exams. Make sure to read the other posts in this very useful series, if you haven’t already! I have saved the […]

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24 August 2016
Verbal Reasoning

As promised, here are more tips and tricks in our series on how to ace entrance exams for schools, as well as information on how we coach students to succeed at Elisa’s Tutorial Academy. One of the trickiest parts of the entrance tests are the Reasoning sections – which are usually divided into Verbal and […]

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16 July 2016
Maths Exam Prep

In my previous posts I explained general exam prep at my tutoring agency, as well as how we help students succeed in the English part of entrance exams. Maths is a totally diff subject, however. We always start our maths training at my school with foundations. If the fundamentals are solid, we can then build […]

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