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15 January 2022
An excerpt from children's fantasy novel Tredicino by Elisa Gianoncelli

Today I'm sharing another  excerpt  from my book Tredicino & the Medallion Keeper, published in February 2021. "The Fairies liked Gelsomina because of the purity of her soul and the way she communicated with them via the stars and her poetry. She knew all the constellations and their names as well as the Fairies’ faces […]

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10 November 2018
Why is my child not where they are meant to be educationally in Year 3, 4 or 5 or even 6?

As a tutor I am getting asked this question more and more from first visit parents... and it is something that I too am noticing. This, of course, does not apply to all children but to a great number of them. These are the reasons why, in my opinion: 1. The school they are at […]

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4 April 2018
This is what makes teaching so rewarding...

This is a surprise blog post from me but I juts couldn't wait to post this! This is what makes teaching so rewarding... It's not just seeing children learn and develop and's not just seeing them find their voices and develop their's seeing how they show their appreciation too and how they become […]

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7 February 2018
Charity and Octavia Hill’s Legacy

This post links to the series ‘Charity and the people behind them’ but also with my previous post on homelessness. A colleague of mine mentioned Octavia Trust when I was talking about my blog post series and I thought I’d do a little digging; find out some more about her. She was a very interesting […]

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5 February 2018
Dame Alice Owen – More than an educator

As the Director and Owner of Elisa’s Tutorial School I am tutoring children to achieve their potential and gain their place at some of London’s top independent, private and grammar schools. Dame Alice Owen, is most recognised for its partially selective secondary education school located in Potters Bar. However, Dame Alice Owen's Foundation, the charity […]

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27 January 2018
The UK education system is failing children with special educational needs

A recent survey has found that there has been a 57% increase in children with special educational needs being home-schooled. The reasons for this are manifold: too few places in schools, too few inclusive schools, schools that don’t know what to do with a special needs child and a nationwide trend of not upholding the […]

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16 January 2018
Blue Peter – best children’s show ever!

I remember rushing home from school, grabbing a snack and sitting in front of the television ready for Blue Peter with my younger brother. It was the highlight of our school week and often my cousins, who lived locally, would come over too. We would badger our parents for bric-a-brac and organise sales at the […]

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