11+ One-to-One Tutoring

11+ One-to-One tutoring prepares students to get into good Independent and Grammar schools at Year 7. 

Competition is fierce and students are tested in Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

With decades of experience and a proven programme with past papers, we can help your child reach their goal.

About 11 + One-to-One Tutoring

The level of English used is high and difficult. If a child does not have an extensive vocabulary they will not be capable of answering the comprehension and verbal reasoning questions. Inference skills are required as is good general knowledge. A lot of this is multiple choice so the child must learn to identify trick questions. Grammar school does not have a written exam but Independent schools do. For this good handwriting, spelling and punctuation are essential. Maths is called numerical reasoning  and logic has to be applied to the question set. Non-verbal reasoning is another area to be mastered. Good timing as well as exam technique is essential in all areas of the 11+.

Passing the 11 + with Online Tutoring

We are traditional tutors who believe children need to build on their learning skills over a period of time. Crash courses are possible but do not give the children the foundation they need especially in the present educational environment where the competition is fierce. Top independent and grammar schools are looking for extremely capable children. We prefer to take children through a long programme that covers all the necessary steps. We ensure all students are comfortable with the basics before moving forward with more complex material so they are confident in problem solving and forming opinions of their own. We push academically when appropriate and target all areas with precision and care.

This however may not always be possible so there is an option of a fast-track and intensive programme for students who are short on time or who have to rewrite the exam once they enter secondary school. Parent participation is absolutely essential. We also offer a homework support programme where we monitor and control what takes place at home. We always encourage parents support and become an important element to family life and this is often mentioned in our testimonials.

What will be taught in  11+ Verbal Reasoning One-to-One tutoring

Verbal reasoning is understanding concepts framed in words. It aims at evaluating ability to think constructively, rather than at simple fluency or vocabulary recognition.

Concepts include :

Processing verbal information

Identifying similarities and differences between words

Applying logical thinking and problem-solving skills

Identifying patterns

Demonstrating the understanding of the rules and meaning of language

We cover these concepts through lessons and also have many practise papers.

What will be taught in 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning One-to-One Tutoring 

Concepts include :

Processing graphic information  and following patterns and rules

Applying mathematical skills – rotation, reflection and symmetry

Use of spatial awareness

Applying logical thinking and problem-solving skills

The tutor will go over a variety of different question types in each session, helping children to spot patterns, use logic and understand elimination techniques.

We also teach problem-solving to recognise question types and explain exam techniques that will help them to perform efficiently and accurately in this type of exam.

Will be practised both in class and at home.

What will be taught in 11+ One- to- One English 

We will look at different aspects of the 11+ English exam during lessons. We split lessons into comprehension and creative writing. In comprehension, we will tackle various question types and genres, understanding the question, how to provide a suitable response and other exam techniques such as inference. In creative writing sessions we will be responding to different genres, stimulating ideas, adding description, ‘show, don’t tell’ and using the senses. The tutor will explain questions, concepts and ideas clearly. There will be plenty of opportunity for students to clarify misconceptions, practise new techniques and sharpen the key skills required to do well in 11+ English exams. Verbal reasoning, developing an extensive vocabulary and cloze testing are important parts of the English programme.

What will be taught in 11+ One- to- One Maths

We will look at various topics and questions that could come up in an 11+ exam, including number work, shape, algebra, fractions, problem solving and exam technique etc. Students may analyse an exam question in detail, with the teacher providing thorough explanations, clear model answers and tips on what to look out for. Sessions will be stimulating and interactive and will provide a great opportunity for students to ask questions and get clarity on topics they don’t understand.

11+ Tuition Interview Training

Interview training timed tests and practise papers are all part of our weekly classes for children preparing for this exam.

We have been helping students pass the 11 + for decades with enviable results.

11 Plus Tutors at Home or Online | Proven Results with the 11+

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