Elisa’s Tutorial Agency Kids Learn Fast was formed in 1996. She has developed her own teaching methods and programmes and created a successful private academy, for children aged 2.5 to 16 years.

Since her academy started, over 80% of the children taught using Elisa’s techniques have not only passed the entrance examinations into many of the most prestigious schools in North London but have performed extremely well through to their A levels. These results are reflected in offers from Britain’s top universities. Many have gone on to take senior government posts or work at director level in internationally recognised companies.

Some clients call Elisa the Education Doctor…she prefers to think of herself as an education coach. She is well known for bringing children who have lost their way in their studies back on track. Of course, this is not all that she does. Most importantly at Kids Learn Fast, she tutors pupils to get into some of the most select and discerning schools in the Greater London area.

Elisa Gianoncelli, has decades of experience, both as a tutor and as a teacher. She knows exactly what children need to succeed, and how to help them love learning. Elisa is also an author of children’s stories. She believes that good creative writing is a skill all children should develop. All children who attend Kids Learn Fast leave with a much better standard of writing, which stands them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

after-school-help-londonElisa teaches and supports all kinds of children, with all kinds of abilities. She has tutors working with her who are self-employed. They are experts in their field and teach all age-groups, from 2.5 to 16 years. Coaching children in exams is something the agency has been specialising in for years, with massive success. Elisa deals with 4 and 5+, 7+, SATs, 11+ and 13+ exam coaching. Children also come to her for help with several GCSE subjects, especially English.

Elisa has been offered places in top schools on the evidence of her results but believes that she is more effective in her independent role as a teacher and educational coach and consultant, developing new systems and approaches to be able to equip children to maximise their abilities.

Elisa tailors her methods to the lifestyle of each family and where necessary adapts that lifestyle to incorporate a broader spectrum for the benefit of the child. Because of this and the results achieved, she has many testimonials from these families and an enormous database of ‘extended family’ because of her successful approach.

If you want an experienced teacher who can help customise your child’s learning, Elisa is the person for you. She can help your child realise his or her potential and discover the joy of success.

Elisa has a full DBS check and is registered with the Tutor’s association.


  • Tuition and educational support to children aged between 2.5 – 16
  • Professionally prepare children for school entry exams and assessments
  • Proven results for 4+, 5+, 7+, 11+ and 13+ Exams and SAT Exams including verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • Quality Management encouraging Enthusiasm, Self-Confidence, Motivation and Fun!
  • Free 10 minute consultation on request
  • Booster classes
  • Parent advisory service
  • Interview techniques
  • Member of the Tutor’s Association
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