“On this page are a small selection of testimonials from various parents and students who have attended my tutorial college. Teaching is such a huge passion of mine and I absolutely love it when my students succeed – it makes all the hard work so worthwhile.”

  • Elisa
Elisa’s passion for teaching and her ability to bring out the best in children makes her unique. Her lessons are exciting and intellectually stimulating. She is supported by a colleague who shares her visions and is equally dedicated. Our son has immensely benefited from the sessions and we would highly recommend her to other parents.– Mano and Parimal
Dear ElisaA really big thank you for all your help and support over the last 9 months in getting Ameel into one of the top independent schools in the UK.It is fantastic news that Ameel has got into Haberdashers’ School. He is very excited about going! With yours and Stefan’s guidance and knowledge of the process involved, he was fully prepared for the school entrance exams and interview. I very much look forward to sending my younger son to your tutorial lessons soon. Once again a big thank you!– Mrs Janma Salam
Our daughter Nina started attending Elia’s tutorial service in September 2004 in preparation for 11+ exams and interviews at several secondary schools. Although we were quite late in preparing our daughter for such exams, Elisa was still very optimistic that Nina could get in to our chosen schools, which, with Elisa’s help, she did. She managed to get places at four schools and now attends Northwood College. Nina attended both individual and group lessons in which she improved drastically in Mathematics and English. The school entrance exam require a good understanding of verbal and non-verbal reasoning, good comprehension and creative writing skills and mathematics according to the National Curriculum at key stage two and above. Our daughter found some of these areas difficult and daunting at first, but Elisa was able to supply us with material specific to Nina’s requirements, which soon gave our daughter the confidence in mastering all subjects. Thanks to Elisa, Nina had achieved level 5 in English, Mathematics and Science at her SAT’s exams and is now in top maths group at Northwood College. We can highly recommend Elisa’s Tutorial services and our daughter always enjoyed attending any of her lessons.– Sabine and Greg Kadhaya
Dear Elisa We are writing to thank you so much for the invaluable tuition, help and support you gave our daughter Niamh, to prepare her for the secondary school entrance exam for St Michaels in North Finchley. She studied Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning with you to prepare and thoroughly enjoyed her sessions and interaction with the other children in her group. You put in a lot of time, effort and hard work and encouraged Niamh to do the same. We are very pleased to say that she came in 14th position in the St Michaels entrance exam out of just 300 girls and we know she would have never achieved such a good result without working with you over the past 14 months. Niamh was very lucky to have you as her tutor and we will keep in touch.– James & Mary Mclntyre
Elisa’s coaching prepares children to become confident in their assessment in all North London high performing schools. She provides a nurturing teaching environment with high quality staff where children are allowed to develop and grow in an excellent pastoral environment. We would confidently recommend both her individual and group classes for children appearing for their exams.– Samrat
Dear Elisa,it gives me great pleasure to inform you that Neha has achieved great results in her GCSEs this year.…you provided her with a sound foundation in English and Maths from a very young age.She learnt a great deal whilst she came to you for tuition in the primary years.Well, she is reaping the rewards now.Once again many thanks.– CH
I like coming to Elisa because she is nice and kind, she also helps you with work I am doing better at school. If you are good Elisa gives you a little treat. I think you should come to Elisa’s although she gives you homework. So if you don’t come to the best tutor I think your mad!– Roisen
Elisa Gianoncelli, tutored both my children over a period of 6 years, and was instrumental in assisting them in achieving the following.My daughter sat the entrance exam for Saint Michaels RC School for Girls, and was successful in gaining entry to the schoolMy son sat the entrance exam for Saint Columbus RC School for Boys, and was successful in gaining entry to the school. Both my children enjoyed their time with Elisa, who was able not only to help them academically, but also improve their confidence.I would have no hesitation in recommending Elisa, as a tutor to parents.– Alan Whiting
Elisa was a great help for me. I started Elisa after sitting the QE exam in September as I was struggling slightly with comprehension and grammar but during those 3 months she helped me from achieving 60-70% to achieving 80 to 100%. All I had was 1 hr a week 1:2:1 with her but she can do a great deal during the time. She may be strict but that’s only because she wants the best out of you. With Elisa’s help and the help of my other tutor I got into 4 out of 4 schools which were: QE boys, HABS, MTs and John Lyons with a 75% scholarship. I would recommend her because she has been a great help to me.– Nikhil (student)
Dear Elisa, Kayahna has learnt a lot from Anita, Tiana and you. She has always come out of the classes with a positive attitude to work. It definitely has taught her about employing a good work ethic and doing some homework herself. Thank you for all your guidance and support throughout the past year. Kayahna has developed practical lessons and skills as a result.Regards.– Rupal Patel
Elisa’s passion for teaching and her ability to bring out the best in children makes her unique. Her lessons are exciting and intellectually stimulating. She is supported by a colleague who shares her visions and is equally dedicated. Our son has immensely benefited from the sessions and we would highly recommend her to other parents.– Mano and Parimal
Dear Elisa,Thank you for everything you have put into Dara over the last year.Words alone can never express my sincere gratitude to you, Anita and Tiana for all the time and passion you have shown my little girl. I remember her minimal (or rather lack of) colouring skills in the beginning.The last few months have been particularly strenuous financially on our family and I thank you for being very flexible with my payments. I truly appreciate how accommodating and tolerant you have been with me. Once again, from my husband, Dara and I, we would like to say a big thank you.It is not good bye but see you soon!– Chisom (Dara’s mum)
Nikhil first started with Elisa in reception and stayed with her until year 3. He then went back beginning of year 6 immediately after the QE exam as I felt that his other tutor and school (Radlett Prep) were not helping him enough in English. Nikhil had a 1:2:1 session every week with Elisa and she has definitely helped improve his comprehension, grammar and creative writing. With both tutors help, Nikhil received 4 out of 4 offers and made us all proud. He has chosen QE and starts there this September.– Pinki (Nikhil’s parent)
I love coming to Elisa because instead of boring us away she makes the lesson fun. She is kind and very sweet. I would definitely advise you to go to Elisa’s Tutorial School. “I like going to Elisa’s because I learn fun things and have laughs I sit next to my friend Domonic and we always have fun together. Elisa is really kind and nice to us and gives us breaks.– Giardan Baston
Hi I am Rupa I am doing my GCSE’s in May I would like to personally recommend Elisa because she pushed my predicted grade from a C to an A.I have been with Elisa since I was 9 years old, and I have had a great time. Elisa has a concept of fun through learning and makes all children welcome.– Rupa
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