23 August 2015

My journey at Elisa's - Dilan Morzaria

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Hi parents,

I wanted to share this piece of writing by Dilan Morzaria as it explains his journey in learning and passing to the prestigious Merchant Taylor’s School.

Well done Dilan we are all very proud of you at Elisa’s Tutorial School.

My Journey at Elisa’s

When I first started at Elisa’s in November 2014 I had a mild understanding of English in general. My first story had little description on plot development; my Language was basic and my handwriting was unrecognisable.

With just 3 months until my entrance exam I was beginning to look like a helpless case but between English sessions with Elisa and Anita and Maths, History and some Geography lessons with Stefan. I became more confident and got much better. As I was going into my entrance exams I had extra help and managed to pass and receive a place at my senior school, Merchant Taylor’s. Also because of the help Elisa has given me I was able to win my school English prize.

Through my time at Elisa’s I’ve learnt many skills that will stay with me throughout my time at Merchant Taylor’s and for a lot of my life to come. So all the hard work was worth it and I now understand and know so much more.

Dilan Morzaria

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