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10 November 2018
Why is my child not where they are meant to be educationally in Year 3, 4 or 5 or even 6?

As a tutor I am getting asked this question more and more from first visit parents... and it is something that I too am noticing. This, of course, does not apply to all children but to a great number of them. These are the reasons why, in my opinion: 1. The school they are at […]

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24 October 2018
Google for Learning- Google has turned learning on its's time we caught up!

When was the last time you wanted to know something and didn’t Google it? Or use whatever equivalent search engine to find the answer? In fact, Googling has become the ‘verbification’ neologism, making us ask ourselves what we did before the time of the internet offering instant answers to all queries. In fact, we can […]

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20 October 2018
Learning for Adolescent Brains

We expect a lot from teenagers. Teen suicide rates are soaring, and they increase during the school year and drop during vacations. This tells us something, surely, about how much pressure young people are under when they come to school. Considering this is a time often plagued by insecurity about themselves, their bodies and their […]

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17 October 2018
Mysterious Wings by Maryam A. Hussain, a pupil of Elisa's Tutorial School

At Elisa's Tutorial School we encourage independent work and writing projects to embed the learning and writing techniques learnt in our group and one-to-one teaching. One of our pupils, aged 6, has produced a wonderful story called Mysterious Wings. Here is a sample of her work and to say we are most proud of her […]

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6 October 2018
Beautiful sample work by our pupils

The Moon activity books, downloadable from my website, are available for sale. The activities within these books have inspired pupils to do work of their own away from our teaching and learning environment. This is a sample of work encouraging research and development of general knowledge as well as independent learning and vocabulary development and […]

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22 August 2018
Special Offers and Drop Sessions at Elisa's Tutorial School

It's that time of year where parents are reviewing their son or daughter's school report and wondering where and how they might be able to further support their learning and achievement. At Elisa's Tutorial School we pride ourselves on supporting pupils to achieve their very best in a nurturing, friendly and homely environment.A fabulous children's […]

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18 August 2018
Do SATs really matter - and if so, to whom?

Government figures of the latest test results show more than a third of children have not reached SATS targets as they leave primary school, 64% of students got the required results in the 3 Rs tested by the SATs in KS2. Though this figure is up from 61% last year and 53% the year before, […]

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11 August 2018
Independent Learners...Independent Adults.

When we send our children to school, we expect them to learn and to become independent learners. Not just learn Literacy and Maths or about the Battle of Waterloo, but also how to live in the world that they will soon join as adults. However, do not assume that life-skills are included as part of […]

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8 August 2018
How to make time for yourself as a home schooling parent

Deciding to home school your child is a real commitment. After the worries of curriculum, lesson plans and discipline fade, you might find yourself wondering how to separate the parent from the teacher in life – and more than anything how to magically create more time in your day to do all the things you […]

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1 August 2018
Literacy and Numeracy Skills...disadvantaged children.

We have known for a while that children from better-off families fare better in school, in terms of literacy and numeracy skills. However, it was a shock to learn that these disadvantages show up as early as 3 years of age, before children even begin primary school. An analysis by the Economic and Social Research […]

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