The Me, You and the Moon books by Elisa Gianoncelli

The ‘Me, You and the Moon’ book is a wonderful start to the journey into learning about our world. It includes a wonderfully enchanting story about a little mouse who, along with his friends Antonio and Arlene, is looking to be reunited with his sister. He begins his journey under the light of the moon […]

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Awards Certificates in Maths and Creative Writing

A number of our students were awarded with certificates during Saturday’s session today having successfully completed the Maths and Creative Writing Courses. We are very proud with the two programmes we run at the school, in addition to personalised learning and assessment, which support the child in their life-long learning. Both courses help to develop: […]

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How to study – A parent’s guide to helping your child

We expect our students and children to ‘study’, but most of the time we just mean completing homework or prepping for a class test. Studying is much more than this. It is an art – even a science, or at least a technique – which needs to be made explicit. Children need to be taught […]

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